Who Should Consider Colon Hydrotherapy?

Who Should Consider Colon Hydrotherapy?

The decision to have a colonic procedure is a personal one and should be made in consultation with your certified colon hydrotherapist. Colonic procedures are typically considered by people seeking complementary or alternative approaches for certain conditions. Colonic procedures are also sought after by people who are interested in detoxification and cleansing.  Here are some common situations where a colonic may be considered:

  1. Bowel cleansing or preparation for a medical procedure: Colonics may be used as part of bowel cleansing protocols before certain medical procedures or surgeries, such as a colonoscopy or sigmoidoscopy. This helps to empty the colon and improve visualization during the procedure.
  2. Constipation: If you experience chronic constipation or have difficulty with regular bowel movements, a colonic procedure may be considered to help clear the colon and provide relief. However, it’s important to address the underlying causes of constipation and make lifestyle changes or seek appropriate medical care. 
  3. Detoxification or cleansing: Some people may choose colonic procedures as a means of detoxification or cleansing the colon.  In his book The Swiss Secret to Optimal Health, Dr. Thomas Rau, M.D. describes colonic cleansing as a method that may clean out toxins, bad bacteria, and old putrid matter, boost the immune system, and create an intestinal environment that will support the development of beneficial bacteria.
  4. Health and wellness: A colonic procedure may be considered by individuals who are focused on maintaining their overall health and wellness. 

While colon hydrotherapy is generally regarded as a safe and gentle procedure, It’s important to note that colonic procedures are not suitable for everyone. People with certain health conditions, such as colitis, diverticulitis, severe hemorrhoids, or recent bowel surgery, may be advised against having a colonic. 

You should always consult with a certified colon hydrotherapist to determine whether a colonic procedure is appropriate for you and discuss any potential contraindications based on your individual health history.

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