Testimonials – Massage

Testimonials – Massage

Massage Therapy Customer Testimonials – Fort Collins, CO

I am an electrician and have to lift often-heavy objects at work. Fortunately I learned of Living arts massage. Since I have been going there my back doesn’t bother me, and I have much greater agility. Every time that I visit Celeste at the Living arts massage I leave feeling much better. She is very professional and gives wonderful massages!

~ David D., Fort Collins, CO

In my estimation, Celeste is one of the most outstanding health professionals that I have had the opportunity to be treated by. I found her to be very professional. Celeste is knowledgeable and thorough. Being a Medical Qigong Practitioner and Energy Healer myself, I have had the opportunity to experience many health professionals and would rank Celeste one of those at the top of her field. Her knowledge on subjects such as massage therapy, raw foods, colon hydrotherapy and other health disciplines is vast. I highly recommend anyone to use Celeste’s services as her Center is grounded and founded in Integrity.

~ Dr. Geoffry G. Hirose, Rochester, VT

I have been battling a long time illness and Celeste has been a tremendous part of my healing process. She has been so patient with me and taken the time to understand what it is that I need from each session. Her professionalism is uncanny and much appreciated given the circumstances. She has a plethora of knowledge and is always ready to share any ideas with me in order to help me achieve better health.

~ Amy L., Fort Collins, CO

I took my daughter and myself for an all day experience. I have yet to find any place better for massage, colonic, facials, etc… You will never be disappointed coming to Living Arts Wellness Center. The ambiance, the staff of course are wonderful, and such a cute place. I would go there anytime I am in town visiting my daughter.

~ Brigit Haucke, WI

This is the best massage place in town. I’ve had treatments with 2 different therapists and they both were great. My last session was with Kendall, and she is superb. She really knows the anatomy of the body and will explain it to you in order to properly work the muscle groups to bring relief. She also gave me exercises to help between sessions. I highly recommend this center because the therapists truly seek to understand your condition in order to properly treat it. If you really want treatment and not just a rub down, then this is the place to go.

~ Pastor Jonathon Moore, CO

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