Wheatgrass Has Many Benefits!

Wheatgrass Has Many Benefits!

Incorporating wheatgrass into your health and wellness may prove to be one of the most effective practices known to humans.  Health pioneer and “mother of wheatgrass”, Ann Wigmore, experienced this first handedly.  Having witnessed her grandmother’s applications of plants, grasses and herbs, when Ann was diagnosed with colon cancer at age 50, she began using wheatgrass as a part of her healing regime along with what is now called the Living Foods Lifestyle ®.  Within a year of committing to the lifestyle, Ann was cancer free.  Having succeeded in her taking back her health, she continued to focus and learn about the healing properties of wheatgrass.  Observation, investigation and promotion of its uses at her reputable co-establisments (the Hippocrates Institute & the Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute) still exists today.  At each of these healing facilities, the uses of wheatgrass are taught and implemented along with the Living Foods Lifestyle ® as well as for colon cleansing. 



              -cleanses & builds red blood cells

              -improves circulatory system, increasing oxygen supply within the body

              -lowers blood pressure;normalizing blood pressure

              -contains all the vitamins & most minerals need for human health & well-being

              -complete protein, containing amino acids & active enzymes

              -70./. crude chlorophyll

              -dissolves tumors

              -acts as an appetite suppressant because it provides adequate enzymes & nourishment

              -improves energy & endurance levels


              -improves sex hormones

              -builds muscle

              -improves skin & hair

              -detoxifies & regenerates the liver

              -stimulates healthy tissue cell growth

              -detoxifies the lymph system by break down of built up mucous in the lymph,

              promoting flow of lymph fluid

              -alleviates constipation because it keeps the bowels open & increases the elimination of mucous, crystallized acids and solidified & toxic fecal matter

              -treatment of dandruff, eye/ear, vaginal infections, conditions of the skin



              -Drink on an empty stomach, and do not eat for at least an hour afterward.

              -Wheatgrass is a diuretic.  Drink juice no less than an hour before going to bed.

              -Do not drink wheatgrass if you are dehydrated because it is a diuretic.  Drink a large glass of water or Rejuvelac first.

              -After drinking the juice, rest for a while.  Nausea may occur because of it’s detoxification properties so lie down until the feeling passes. 

              -Drink it slowly.

              -Begin with an ounce of juice at a time.  Tolerance will likely increase and then you may be able to drink more.

              -Do not develop a dependency on it, use it as a substitute for eating properly or as an excuse to indulge in unhealthy habits.

              -Enjoy your juice at a time when you will be able to rest, relax and reap the healing benefits. Evening may be the best time for this.

              -Try using wheatgrass externally and topically for wounds and burns.  


Hope this is all insightful and inspirational information into to the wonderful world of wheatgrass and that you too, are having the craving for a shot of this potent medicine!  Be well.







Author: Jen Ramirez

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